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Vacuum Packing

What is Vacuum packaging:

Industrial vacuum packing is a specialized method of packaging heavy machinery that uses a vacuum to enclose the product in airtight wooden pallets or boxes. During the actual process of vacuum packaging all the air gets extracted from the vacuum cover or bag. The result of this is the packed product becomes more compact in size. This type of packing ensures optimum protection against dust, dirt and other external influences which may hamper the product. An airtight packing gives protection against corrosion and rusting factors as moisture is kept far away from the product. This is one of the important reason that a variety of products like computer chips, paper documents, fragile products are vacuum packed to maintain their original identity and increase the shelf life of the particular product. This type of packaging is used even for certain plastic and rubber products as it provides protection against dryness / wetness / dehydration. One important point to be considered here is there should be a proper orientation between the product to be packaged and the system of packing to be used.

Our Services:

We at Aman Packaging, are committed to manufacture and supply one of the best quality of vacuum packaging solutions to our customers. We believe that this is actually an age old system being used for centuries for the preservation of the products. The main aim is to prevent deterioration of the packed products. At our manufacturing unit, we make use of the most advanced technology and modern techniques for producing highest quality of vacuum packing. Our packing system goes through a series of quality checks to ensure that the packaging is without any deficiencies or defects. For ensuring the standard of our product, we make sure that the raw material which are required is procured from known sources in the market. Our design and layout of the system is prepared by us only after a complete understanding of the requirements of our customers. Based on our experience, we also provide valuable suggestions to our customers related to the products we manufacture and supply.


Some benefits of vacuum packaging system can be highlighted in the below manner:

  • The vacuum packaging increases the productive life of the machine to a certain extent.
  • The cost of packaging can be minimized to a certain extent.
  • The products remain airtight in a packed sealed container which gives protection from dirt, dust and other external elements that may hamper the product.
  • When the products / materials are vacuum packed it provides a good amount of security to the products by keeping them intact.
  • The best quality vacuum packing machines use high-pressure air to create a seal around the product which helps to protect it from moisture and other environmental contaminants. This ensures better quality packaging that is less likely to break during shipping or storage for a long time.
  • Vacuum packing can be a powerful way to protect components during storage or shipping. Using the right technique safeguards the equipment and see that it remains in good working order, this way potential damage is minimized.
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