Plywood Boxes

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Plywood Boxes

Plywood Boxes and its use:

Plywood boxes as the name indicates are boxes made up from wood. These are processed wood built with the different materials like plywood, adhesives and pressure created either manually or with the help of machines. These boxes are commonly used as a packaging medium by different industries. Wooden packaging can take different forms like crates, pallets, boxes, bins, drums and so on. The plywood boxes and crates are easy to assemble, have good stacking capability, are suitable for heavy, sensitive and expensive goods.

These boxes represent a strong and durable medium for packaging. As these are sturdy the plywood boxes are suitable for large and heavy products. Due to the way the boxes are made, it becomes easy for transportation and storage. Since these boxes are environment friendly they can be efficiently used for cargo and shipping. They provide maximum amount of security to the goods/materials packed as these are opaque structures giving direct protection from extreme sunlight or any other harsh climate conditions.

Why choose us:

We at aman packaging solutions are committed to provide best quality packaging solution with the use of plywood boxes to our customers. We are aware of the fact that wood and plywood box has a unique place as a sought after material for domestic as well as international trade. After sterilizing and fumigating the boxes as per required national and international standards, they are fit to be used in cargo and goods transportation. Our quality technical expert staff are determined to manufacture best quality plywood boxes ready for use by different industries. The structure of wood has an anti-bacterial effect making it ideal for any use. For example, food industries can make use of ply boxes to transfer perishable material to the required destination with maximum security. Automobile industry can make use of wooden boxes for transporting a number of industrial parts.

Benefits of Plywood Boxes

Some benefits associated with the use of plywood boxes can be highlighted in the below manner:

  • Wooden boxes are more strong and sturdy compared to cardboards. They can carry more weight and provide more protection. Ply boxes are more hard, durable and can withstand more pressure.
  • These boxes are good for long term use. They can be used for various purposes, for transporting and storing different kind of materials for a prolonged use. Even after a period of time the boxes can be modified, their structure can be changed and it can be ready for use for some different purpose other than transportation or storage.
  • Ply boxes are completely recyclable. All the parts of these type of boxes can be reused and will not get wasted in any manner. With some amount of creativity and imagination changes can be made to the original structure of the boxes and that way something new and unique can be easily created.
  • The boxes can be easily stored in a stack position, thereby saving space required to store them. These can be stacked one above the other in any corner, that way requiring lesser space. These are strong and durable enough to handle the stress of weight and also it becomes easy to have a look as to what is stored inside the boxes.
  • The main part of the boxes is wood. It is not much expensive and is easily affordable to create and maintain these boxes. Also they can be used for several and varied objectives.
  • These can be customized and created as per requirements of different users.
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