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VCI Packaging

What is volatile corrosion inhibitors:

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors are chemical compounds discharged inside sealed metal containers to prevent oxygen, moisture and chlorides from causing corrosion. Inside the sealed container a layer of invisible protection is provided to all the metal surfaces of the product. They are high-tech chemicals that are extremely volatile and constantly vaporize and protect metals from rusting. This packaging is designed to protect against corrosion and volatilize the substances to create a safety layer around metal surface areas. VCI is a reliable method of packing that can be used for export and domestic shipping for safe packaging of goods and products. It is considered to be the most simple and easiest way to keep your products from turning to bad as the time moves ahead. This type of packaging is required mainly for products which require storage for a long time and is better than other traditional methods for anti-corrosion which may be costly and also hazardous not only to individuals but also to the environment as well. There are various forms of VCI packing available like metal wraps, paper, plastics, liquids and so on.

Our Strategy:

At Aman Packaging Solutions, we are engaged in the activity of manufacturing and supplying broad range of wooden and metal packaging materials. We are specialized in designing wooden pallets with precision and ļ¬nesse, we also manufacture wooden boxes to crates, plywood cases and so on. We produce metal boxes used to protect the products from corrosion and rusting as well as aluminum foil wraps/ covers to maintain the actual identity of the product for a pro-longed period of time. We use superior materials for making top-notch quality products. Our wooden and metal boxes range are designed using cutting-edge technology. Customized products are made available to our consumers as per their specific requirements. We plan interactive sessions with our customers to get a brief idea of the products as essential for their respective business. These sessions are also useful for us to get a valuable feedback on our services and make improvement in our production facilities and extend our capacities. At our end, we have skilled professionals and quality experts who are completely dedicated to the activities of manufacturing one of the best quality packaging products which is made available to our customers.


There are a couple of advantages associated with the use of VCI packaging that can be described in below manner:

  • The quality of packaging improves to a good extent due to the use of VCI, this enhances the performance of the product as well as it ensures safety from corrosion and rusting.
  • The packaging costs can be kept at minimum as the cost of materials required for VCI packing is minimum.
  • The application process of VCI is easy. The products need to kept sealed and tightly packed condition so that they remain dry and clean, free from corrosion and can be used immediately. No extra processing is required for this activity to be completed.
  • The VCI bags, films, papers and plastics are safe for the people and are also recyclable.
  • There are various dimensions, weight and shape of metals and hence different form of VCI packaging can be easily selected to protect the products from rusting.
  • VCI packaging offers complete protection for metal components and parts, not just against corrosion but also, against mechanical forces during storage and transportation.
  • A mixture of special chemicals constantly vaporize and create gases with anti-corrosion properties. These vapors form a very thin protective film layer around the metal surface and provide protection and sustain the productive life of the metal product.
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